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ppl who tag my fanart like #i love this cecil or smthn are the absolute best ever ok it lights up my insides when people like my cecil ;;u;;

Anonymous asked: I love the little sound your blog makes when the curser go over the cute Cecilos picture. It reaffirms, yes, "Sam wants the dick".

ooh, this actually reminds me that I need to remove that noise for people, buT I’m v glad you got a kick out of it while it was still there! ;u;


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How did we miss this you guys 

From Marisa Blankier’s Instagram



"But somewhere else, OK? A duplex, or an apartment… I don’t think a condo."
And he said “No, not a condo.”

This is a kinetic typography short I created because I absolutely adore Dylan Marron’s voice work for Carlos the Scientist, and I wanted to do something special for it. :]

While the visual is all me, the audio is from the Live at The Bell House recording of Condos, which you should totally buy in full here if you haven’t heard it yet: [x]

zenamiarts idk if you know yet but Dylan tweeted about this.



cuties hangin out in their pajamas uwu

((this right here is my favorite carlos anyone has ever drawn. holy shit he is just so cute and dorky but you can also totally see where he’s a hottie in his own cute dork way sobs

and that cecil is just…so exactly his character, my god))


okay but imagine cecil and carlos deciding to get married and talking about if one of them wants to take the other’s last name or if they want to hyphenate or what

and cecil just is like “not that i don’t think every part of you is perfect but i think most people would agree that ‘palmer’ is a better surname than ‘the scientist’”

and so carlos has to sit his boyfriend down and gently explain that his last name isn’t actually “the scientist” and cecil is sitting there like “is anything i know about you real”


this video was a ride from start to finish

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah wow spn

oh dear i feel like all of my new followers came from the cute/sweet cecilos drawings and that is great and thank yall but oh man i’m not so sure i feel comfortable talking about kink stuff now bc you guys ain’t into that shit

maybe i should like. draw some explicit cecilos porn. that way people will definitely know i’m still into that pairing, but sometimes i wanna talk about fingerfucking and dirty talk.